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Dreary Mood, Dreary Wolf?


Woke up with a headache, took Tylenol. Still have a headache. It’s storming outside and totally matches my mood today. It’s a great day to sit around and complain and concentrate on all that is wrong with my life and the world in general.


I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to let my mood be the boss today. In trying to get a little work done on my business venture, Atkinson Communications, I got irritated and frustrated at all the work that needs to be done. Then I remembered an old American Indian tale about the two wolves that I teach my children. It tells of the two wolves inside of every person. One is good, kind, loving, patient, peaceful and happy. The other is evil, negative, critical, impatient, judgmental, and angry.  One embodies all that is good with the human race and the other embodies all that is bad about us. One is in control of us at any given time. How do we determine which one is in control?

By the one we feed.

I decided I won’t feed the bad wolf todayand I already feel better. I know if I don’t control my emotions, they will control me. So, time to celebrate the rain! Time to let a good rockin’ and rollin’ rain shower invigorate and inspire me instead of letting it feed my negativity. Let’s go out and dance in the rain! Wait…was that thunder? Maybe I’ll just be inspired right here at my computer. 😉

Love your life and live your love!

Very Tragic…


I just heard on the news a Houston grandfather accidentally ran over and killed his 12 month-old grandchild while backing out of the driveway to go pick up another grandchild. He did not know what happened until he returned. He had to be transported as well as his distress was getting to be too much to handle. He and his family will defintely be in my prayers. How do you get over something like that?

My kids have gotten irritated and impatient with me when we get in the truck to go anywhere. I always check behind the vehicle before I back out. Always. As a paramedic, I know what can happen and how quickly and innocently a tragedy can occur.

Pay attention to your surroundings, folks!!